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5 Strategies for Engagement

Building engagement is one of your goals when going live on your Facebook business page. You are attracting customers and prospects that will help your business grow.

You have your page set up and now you’re ready to market your products or services to the world by sharing information that will draw customers to you.  

Marketing in the 21st century requires you to put yourself out there and let people get to know you. This is as easy as going live on your Facebook business page. This can be a little scary for some and exciting for others. Regardless, you’ll want to encourage engagement with your videos.

When you’re just getting started with your business page, you may not have many followers. Don’t let this prevent you from sharing content and going live on your page. Consistency builds momentum. Try to go live a couple of times a week with information that will benefit your followers and ultimately turn them into customers.

Not only should your live session provide value, it should be engaging. Think “conversation” when planning your session. The more engaging you are, the more engaged your audience will be.


Use the following key strategies to plan engaging content for your Facebook Live sessions:

Start your live with a short intro

You hit the “Go Live” button on your device and off you go. Sharing your information with the first word out of your mouth.

There’s only one problem, no one is watching.

Then you’re five minutes into your session and you notice that litte “eye” icon pop up telling you that someone is watching.

They’ve missed over half of your session and have no idea what you’re talking about.

This is not an uncommon problem, but there are steps you can take to help your audience arrive before you finish your session.

People who have liked your page and are following you will receive a notification from Facebook that you are live on your page. The problem is that this notification does not go out until you’re a few minutes into your live session. This little time lapse makes it hard for people to jump on when you begin your session.

With a little planning, open your session with a short intro. Take just a couple of minutes to chit-chat, even if no one is on. Introduce yourself, your topic and then ask your audience to let you know where they’re coming from.

You could ask a couple of questions relevant to your topic to give yourself a little more time before beginning your actual session.

Giving a little short intro before getting started will help your followers have time to join you as you begin your Facebook live session. Keep it to a minute or two, be respective of people’s time. You don’t want to lose people; you want them to stay and become engaged with your session.  

Begin with an attention grabber

Now that you’ve given Facebook time to notice that you’re live and people are joining you, it’s time to get started with your session.

Begin your session with a statement or a question that hooks your audience immediately. Opening with an attention grabber will open the door for your audience to begin engaging with you and others who are watching. Your attention grabber can be a question or statement relevant to your topic that your audience can answer or comment on.

As an example, I can open a Facebook Live on this topic by asking “How have you rocked your business with Facebook Live?, let me know in the comments below.”

This question requires a response and hopefully your audience is ready to respond. This will help your audience feel connected to your session and open the door for engagement.

You have mere seconds to grab their attention and this is why planning your Facebook Live session is so important.

Providing relevant information

When people join your live session, they want value for their time. This is where you can give more value than they expect.

You’re not selling your products or services during your session or in your static posts. You are providing education through tips and tutorials centered on the value of your products and services.

What are the pain points that your business helps people overcome? Offer information that will help them and ultimately lead them to purchasing your products or services.

Using this blog as a Facebook Live session would offer value to those learning how to market their business on their Facebook business page. I’m not selling a product or service during the live session, but, when they click the link to the actual blog, they have an opportunity to register for my free marketing 10 Day Boot Camp. I never mention this in my live session.

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Ask your followers if they have any questions

A great way to provide value is to ask your followers what questions they have about overcoming their “pain points” based on your products or services.   

You could post a static post image stating that you’ll be going live on a particular day and time and will be answering questions from them. Ask them to post their questions and you’ll have your topic for your next live session.

This is a great way to build a following for your business.

You may not have a following just yet so research the most common questions that people have about your products or services, remember you’re discussing how to overcome their pain points and not your product.

Using this blog topic as an example, I would offer sessions on how to go live on Facebook. My service is marketing and helping you learn how to market your business in the 21st century is my goal.

Your call to action

What would you like your audience to do when your Facebook Live is over?

This is where you want to hook your audience into discovering more about you and your business.

Your call to action could be as simple as sharing their comments about the information you shared or clicking a link to a blog post for further information. You may have a free opt-in gift you can offer them. Or ask them to share your video to help others learn more about your topic.

Let your ending be as great as your beginning by leading them to action.  

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Building engagement with your Facebook Live sessions may take some time. It will definitely take commitment on your part. Showing up consistently is critical if you want to keep your followers coming back.

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