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Terri King

Who Is Terri King?

Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a time warp?

Being a traditional small business owner since 1985, I've learned that you must have a continuous flow of qualified prospects in order to survive. In trying to serve other small business owners, I realized that this was the main problem for all of us. Through the years I have spent hours mailing information about my business to prospects in the hope of getting one little nibble.

Fast forward into the age of the internet and nothing has changed. You may not have a brick and mortar business, but your business requires qualified prospects. No matter if you're selling insurance, building your network marketing empire, or anything in between; prospects are your lifeline to success.

Yet, all of our marketing training is the same training I received before there was such a thing as the internet. Call your family and friends, walk up to strangers in the store, attend every type of networking event your community offers; take names and start the follow-up process.

Your Goal for the Week >>> 5 people a day
Time Warp

There's Got to Be a Better Way!!

I began working my business on the internet in the 90s, yet my network marketing business remained stuck in the time warp of the system that had always been.

My upline was of no help. They're not trained to use the internet in an effective and strategic way. You're still told that if they're breathing they're a prospect.

Finally, I've Found a Better Way!

I began coaching online in 2016 and quickly built a targeted email list of prospects for my coaching business. I wanted the same results for my network marketing business, yet my upline didn't know what to do with me. I tell them I can build a quality email list of targeted prospects and they tell me to message my friends on messenger. I'm sorry, my friends are not my targeted market.

I researched and studied all I could find about online marketing, knowing in my heart that I couldn't be the only one who wanted a thriving online network marketing business with targeted prospects. Once I discovered the "how", I knew I needed to share these strategies with others who have the same dream.

Are you ready to build your very own online network marketing business?

This is not an overnight success story. You'll be required to put in the hours to build the business of your dreams. The results will be having an endless flow of targeted prospects that "want" to talk to you, to buy your products, to join your team.

Join me, Terri King, and let's market boldly in the 21st century.

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