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Nothing is happening

You're excited to have taken the step toward being your own boss.

You've done your homework and have decided to buy into a company that offers you a promising future.

All you need to do is stay connected to your team, your upline, learn how to build your business, attend the live calls, go to the regional and national meetings, and get out there and "just do it!"

Nothing to it. You've set your business goals and are ready to build a business to call your own. 

A month goes by, then six months, now a year later and your business almost looks like it did on day one. 

Building a business is hard. You need an ownership mindset and a commitment to see it through. 

Did you know that 95% of network marketers quit within the first year?

The 5% that stay committed and focused, they're the ones that ultimately build a thriving business. 

Are you in the 5% group or are you ready to call it quits because nothing is happening? 

Before you give up on building your own network marketing business, take time to regroup so that you can make this work for you. 

Training is essential in building your business. Hopefully your sponsor has trained you well, but understand, their training may not have been complete. It is up to you to research your company to discover any additional training that is available to you. Most companies have a training portal in your back office. Have you taken advantage of all the training that is available to you? If not, then set yourself a training goal, mark out some time on your calendar and stay focused. 

Are you staying connected to your team? Inspiration, encouragement, accountability comes from your team. Find a way to get connected and up-to-date with what your team is doing. The more connected your are, the more you'll learn and share. 

Are you actually using the products that your selling? To have a thriving business you must believe in yourself and in your products. 

Now for your biggest problem - prospects.

Traditional network marketing teaches that every warm body is a prospect. If they're breathing, go get them. 

There's just one huge problem with that mindset; not every warm body wants to start their own business or buy your products. You spend countless hours, days, and weeks contacting uninterested people. 

What a waste of valuable time. 

You are building a business, so start building. 

Who is your target market? 

In other words, who do you want to work with, who is interested in building their own business, who buys your products? 

Those are your target market. 

If you were selling the most expensive car on the market, who would you target? Definitely not every warm body you encountered. 

Have this same mindset for your business. 

There are many people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Would you rather them find you or do you want to continue contacting any and everybody? 

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Hi, I'm Terri King, a business marketer in need of endless prospects. Just like you, my business can only survive when I have prospects interested in my service. This need developed into a passion, a passion to discover how to generate a constant flow of targeted prospects and move my business into the 21st century. Once I learned how to generate prospects for my business, I knew I needed to help other marketers discover how they can create a flow of prospects to build their own business. Marketing Boldly provides marketers tools and strategies to create a stream of targeted and interested prospects to build the business of their dreams.

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