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Discover What you Want

Are you purpose driven or are you going through life just winging it?

Year after year, I found myself “just winging” it with my business.

I knew I wanted to build a business that I would be proud of, yet I failed to sit down to make solid goals for myself and my business.

What I discovered was that I didn’t know how to dig deep within myself to discover my ultimate “why” for my business.

Do you know what you want out of your life and your business?

When I finally followed the following steps, I was able to clearly understand what I wanted out of my business and why I wanted to reach my goals.

You can too.

Make an appointment with yourself with the goal to discover what you want and why you are building your business. When you come to understand what you want, your marketing will become more personal and you’ll find your business growing.

Dig Deep

What does it mean to dig deep within yourself?

Take time to ask yourself some “deep dive” questions about yourself.

Your first question: “What do you dream about all the time?”

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Now, why do you want that dream? Once you answer that question, then ask yourself “why?”, then ask yourself “why?” again and again.

Look at who you follow on social media and the books you read. Are you following and reading information about successful people?

What about those people intrigues you?

Are you following them and reading about them because you would like to model their success?

Deep dive into understanding your personal characteristics and if you are able to model what they needed to do to reach their level of success.

What would need to change about you or your business plan to accomplish this?


Now that you’ve completed your deep dive to discover your ultimate “why” for your life and business you’re ready to take the steps to achieve your dream.

But, what happens when your dream changes?

Quote 2

Life has a habit of changing you as you move forward in life and in business.

I have found this to be true with my own business. I have enjoyed success in my business for over twenty-five years, but now I want something new and different.

Yet, I was afraid to make that change. My heart was no longer in what I was doing, but I was comfortable.

Are you to comfortable to step out into a new venture? A venture that fuels your dreams and desires?

What I’ve discovered is that my deep dive “why” hasn’t changed, just the path that will lead me there.

Take the lead and be willing to change your course to get to your deep dive “why” in order to reach your goals.

Finding your purpose and why for your life and business is not an easy, once done it’s done, process. Your purpose will evolve as you grow and your business grows. This is why it is so important to take time throughout the year to review the path you’re on and if it’s the path that is leading you to your ultimate destination. This is where setting goals will help you.

Goals were not something I took time to write down and follow. But when I did, WOW! I was amazed at what I accomplished in a very shore period of time.

Goals and Purpose

Goals will give your life and business purpose.

Think of goal planning as your roadmap to success. As with all roadmaps, you’ll have bumps in the road and curves you can’t see around. But, when your why is solid, your journey will be worth the effort.

Goals are just that, goals.

Quote 3

Once your goals are written down, you will then develop a plan to reach those goals. Think of this plan as a path with many twists and turns. As you begin the journey, you may find yourself at a dead end and may feel that it is time to give up.

Can I say something?

“No, that is not what a dead end is. A dead end means that you take a different path to reach your ultimate goal.”

I’ve had to do this and so have all the successful people you have followed or read about. We all have good days and bad days as we work toward our goals, but here’s the truth, the more you stay on your path, the more you will see success.

Your purpose and the goals you set to achieve your purpose is the driving force behind your success. When you take the time to get clear on your purpose and develop achievable goals, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals and see your purpose become reality.

As you pursue the path of online marketing, you may find yourself wondering how to find prospects that are interested in your business. You’ve found your “why” and you’ve set your goals, but now it’s come down to finding the right people to talk to.

I’ve seen more online business owners give up on their purpose and dreams over this one little mis-step. As an online marketer I understand your pain. That’s why I offer my 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, a 10-day video series that will guide you step-by-step how to set up your marketing strategies to attract interested people to your business.

Are you ready to attract the right people to your business?

To get started, register below and get started today achieving your purpose and your goals.


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