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Finding Your Why

Why do you want to build your network marketing or direct sales business?

Is your “why” strong enough to carry you through the tough times?

This is not the “why” of, “Why should I go to work today?”; this is the “why” that drives you to jump out of bed in the morning, eager to get this day started.

When you understand your deep rooted “why”, you will begin to move with purpose in building your business.

A superficial why will only cause you to give up and walk away.

Your leadership team may have asked you to share your why with them when you joined their team.

And, more often than not, the typical off the cuff answer is “I want to make more money.”

And that’s great but let me share a secret with you.

That “why” will not sustain you as you encounter challenge after challenge while building your business.

Understanding your “why” is your first step toward achieving your goals, especially your business goals.

As good as “making more money” sounds, it is not your true why.

And before we begin to dig deep to discover your true why, let’s look at a few reasons you should find your why.

Your why is your reason for getting up in the morning and doing what you do.

Your why is your reason to continue to face rejection and disappointment day after day, as you build your business.

Finding your why opens your eyes to your purpose and that can be a powerful thing in your life. Your purpose, your why, goes well beyond the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something worthwhile.

Here’s five reasons to know your why…


When you know your why, you’ll Feel Less Stressed

How much mental energy and worry do you spend trying to figure out what you should or could be doing each day?

Network marketing and Direct Sales requires you to constantly have new people in your pipeline of contacts. No pipeline, no business. Everyday requires you to have a plan to meet and contact people.

This can become overwhelming when your “why” is not clear in your mind.

Understanding your true why allows you to continue working your business, facing your challenges without the emotional stress that is common when your why is superficial. 

But there's more to it than that. When your aren't following your passion and purpose, you're not happy with what you're doing and with that comes added stress. 


It’s no wonder that you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed about what you do and life in general when you know your why and where you’re going.

get more done

When you know your why, you’ll Get More Done

Time flies when you’re having fun and it slows down to a crawl when you’re not.

Along the same lines you get a lot more productive and get through your workload in a lot less time when you have a purpose and are passionate about what you’re doing.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this in your daily life. When you’re working on something you enjoy or something that’s important to you, the work almost seems to do itself. You don’t even notice how long or how hard you’ve been at it.

Tell me, do you struggle emotionally in building your network marketing business, or do you jump out of bed ready to set the world on fire?


Your answer will reveal whether you truly understand your why.

better job

When you know your why, you Do A Better Job

Not only do you get things done faster, you do everything you can to learn more and get better at what you love to do. As a result, you do a much better job.

Have you noticed that our training in this industry never ends?

As a network marketer, you are encouraged to attend company training opportunities, learn from your mentors, and constantly be in learning mode. 

If you find your training to be a burden, then your why is superficial.


If you consume all the training you can, then your why will lead you to learn all you can so that you can be the best you can be.


When you know your why, you’ll Feel Better About Yourself

When you feel better about yourself, you’ll be a leader that others will want to follow.

The goal of building your network marketing business is to build a team that will work alongside you and learn from you.

When your why is superficial, others will see right through you and your attrition rate will be off the charts.

Your team will respond to your passion.


When you know your true why, your passion will be evident to others.


When you know your why you’ll Be Happier

How do you feel when you meet a goal that you’ve set for yourself?

It’s an amazing feeling.

When you know your why, you’ll be more fulfilled with what you do and live a more content life. Happiness comes from within, and when you know your why, you’ll have inner happiness.

You’ll be doing what you enjoy.

Knowing your why, your true why, provides you with the momentum to keep going with less stress and a positive mindset. You’ll get more done and become a strong leader for your team. Your challenges will become teaching tools, rather than obstacles.

You can handle stress better and will be able to meet challenges in a positive mindset, allowing them to be teaching tools rather than destructive obstacles.

You know your why and you’re eager to build your business, but there’s something missing.


Your pipeline has moss growing in it with no solution in sight.

Building a team of like-minded business builders like yourself, can become a challenge when using traditional marketing methods.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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