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Planning Facebook Live

Facebook live is your gateway to your audience in providing them with real-time information and news. The more you give, the more you’ll see engagement growth.

As great as this business tool is, you can sabotage your business by using live video to share to much content at one time.

This is where planning is essential before you press the “go live” button. Your goal is to share a snippet of information in about ten to twelve minutes of time. When you’re all over the place with your video, your audience leaves and may not come back.


You are trying to attract an audience, not repel them. That’s what we do when we implement attraction marketing into our business building plan.

Every business benefits from live video on Facebook or other social media platforms. Think about how you can educate your audience on your products or services. Remember, if you’re in direct sales or network marketing, you do not want to mention your company or the products on your Facebook business page. You can educate and share product and business promotions for your private member groups.

Let’s go through the planning of a Facebook live session.

Think of yourself as an educator or a coach. You’ve come across an article or other information that you really want to share with your audience. The problem is that the information covers a multitude of different tips or strategies that you want to share with them.

Follow this plan of action to keep your audience coming back for more.

Starting Small

As you begin to build your business and use social media to reach out to your audience, you’ll want to start small.

Going live can feel intimidating when you first get going and Facebook allows you to get comfortable with the process without allowing others to watch while you’re recording.  You’ll need to select the who can watch option before you press the “go live” button.

Practicing will help you get comfortable with the process and allow you to see how you look and sound on video. 

Pay attention to your delivery. Your audience may not enjoy hearing “uhm”, “you know” every other word. Also, you do not want to have “dead air” time.

And please, start when you say you’re going to start. If you have announced to your audience that you’re going live at 2 p.m., then go live at that time. Start whether anyone is watching or not. Your audience hops on at 2 and you wait 5 or 10 minutes chit chatting in the hopes of allowing more people to join you,  will turn your audience off. Be respectful of their time.

Information overload

When you have information that you want to share with your audience, plan to share it in snippets. This will prevent you from going into information overload.

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter and when you start sharing too much information in one session, your audience will either leave, or not retain all that you’re sharing. This is why it is important to focus on one topic, tip, or strategy per session. When you’re trying to talk about too many things, your audience is unlikely to retain any of the information.

For example, I have at least five topics in this series of going live on social media. Each topic is a stand-alone piece of information. I’ve chosen to break this information up into a series on my Facebook business page through 10 to 12-minute Facebook live posts. This allows my audience to watch the series at their convenience focusing on one topic at a time.

Look at the information you wish to share. Are there multiple topics that can be broken up into a series? If so, plan your delivery accordingly. This also gives you the opportunity to “go live” more often.

Planning for success

Planning your delivery for your Facebook live is your number one priority in order to achieve success.

By starting small and limiting the amount of information per session, will help your audience connect with you as a leader in your industry.

As you build your audience, you can offer more in depth webinars that will help you attract your target audience to your business.

Create a following

Keeping your live session relevant and short, 10 to 12 minutes long, will keep your audience coming back. They’ll begin to engage and share with others.

This is your goal. Attracting the right audience that will help you build your business.

Think about what you expect when you watch a training video.

What causes you to leave and never go back?

What causes you to return time and time again?

The same principles apply to your audience. If your audience feels like they’ve received value for their time, then they’ll be back.

While sharing your information in your live video, ask your audience to engage. I know this is hard when there is no one watching, but you’ll want to have this as part of every live video you do.

An example: As you begin your video ask your audience to introduce themselves and share where they’re from. If they’re watching the replay, ask them to type in replay.

Then, as you share your topic, ask them relevant questions that they can respond to. As your audience grows, you’ll see more and more engagement. Facebook increases your reach as your engagement increases. So, ask questions of your audience and for them to respond in the comment section.

Attracting the right audience will go a long way in helping you build your business. As you implement Facebook live in your marketing strategy, you’ll see success when you start small, keep your sessions short and focused on one topic that is not too broad, and seek engagement throughout your sessions.

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