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How to press the go live button with confidence

You’ve set up your Facebook business page.

You’ve been posting success quotes and images.

You’ve shared your blog posts and posts from other leaders in your industry.

And now it’s time for your first Facebook Live.

Nope, I’m good you say.

Why do many of us shy away from doing a Facebook live?

We want to increase our engagement and we’ve heard that Facebook Live’s will do that for our page, yet we’re hesitant to get started.

Now, unless you’re fun and out-there extrovert, you’ll have no problems going live. But, if you’re like most of us, you get butterflies in your stomach, you start sweating, and your tongue gets all twisted up, or worse, your voice changes, when you just think about going live.

You’re not alone. The fear of something going wrong when you push the “go live” button is real. The thought of making a mistake while strangers are watching keeps many of us from pressing that button.

Who wants to damage their brand and marketing because of a Facebook Live?

I’m an introvert with a capital “I” and the thought of doing a Facebook Live overwhelmed me. I knew that I needed to do them but pressing that “Go Live” button scared me.

Today, I can go live with little thought.

Was it easy? No!

Can you do it? Yes!

Let me share how this introvert finally released her fears and can press the “Go Live” button without being scared.


Getting prepared.

The better your preparation, the better your presentation.

You’ve heard it a million times: Practice makes perfect.

Follow these steps, release your fears, and hit the “Go Live” button today.


Preparation is key to your success. Your goal is success and the better prepared you are the better your Facebook Live will be.

When you are prepared, you’ll

  • Build you confidence
  • Know what to say
  • Share relevant content for your target market

Preparing your content before you go live is important. Read your content and read it again. Get familiar enough with your content in order to share your thoughts smoothly. The more you become comfortable with what you want to say, the more confident you’ll be when you press the “Go Live” button.

When going live, you’ll want to present yourself as a leader in your industry. This is easier than you think. Choose content that your market is interested in, become comfortable enough with the content so that you “talk” to your audience like you’re in the room with them. You’re not giving a speech you’re holding a conversation. When you do this, you’ll notice your engagement will increase.


Think of your Facebook Live as an advertisement for your brand. You’ll want a specific goal each time you press the “Go Live” button.

Once you become comfortable going live, try posting a couple times per week.

Use these goals to get you started:

  • Building up brand awareness
  • Advertise a product or service
  • Attract new customers

You will focus on one goal for each Facebook Live you post. This allows your audience to get to know, like, and trust you.

Use an Outline

There’s something about talking to yourself that causes you to lose focus. Plus, if you’re constantly seeing your audience’s comments, you’ll find yourself stumbling all over the place. This is why you should have an outline of your talking points.

It’s okay to refer to your outline while you talk, plus it shows that you’re real. You’ll stay on track and you’ll cover the content you set out to talk about.

Private Facebook Group

We’re still introverts at heart and pressing the “Go Live” button scares us to the point of not doing it.

That’s okay, I’ve got a simple solution for you.

Set up a “private” group on Facebook. You’ll need one person to add to this group. Once that person has joined, your group is active, and you can practice in the privacy of this group. Your one member does not need to engage or watch while you become comfortable with going live. This is an easy way to build your confidence.

You can also use your video camera on your phone or tablet for practice. Either option allows you to watch the replay to discover how you present your content.

Try not to say “uhmm”,“you know”, or “so” constantly. This is why an outline is so important when you’re talking to your audience.

Filming Location

This is the hardest part for me when I decide to go live or film a video for one of my courses. I don’t have a perfect location in my house. There’s always a glare from overhead lights or windows and I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to overcome this problem.

After watching hundreds of Facebook Lives and videos, I’ve learned that this is what is important when you’re preparing to press the “Go Live” button.

  • Turn the sound and notifications off on your phone
  • Eliminate any nearby sounds or distractions
  • Your camera lens is clean so that your video is clear
  • That you’re face can be seen by those watching

Depending on your target market, you can present yourself casually or business like.

Your goal is to eliminate the stress of pressing the “Go Live” button.

Going live has proven to increase your reach for your Facebook page and that’s your ultimate goal. The more prospects you attract, the greater your potential to build your business. 

Am I a pro? No

Do I still get that queasy feeling when I press the “Go Live” button? Yes

What I’ve learned is that if I want to attract more prospects, and build a business team of like minded individuals, then pressing the “Go Live” button is not an option, it is part of my attraction marketing business building strategy to market boldly in the 21st century.

Join me and learn how attraction marketing will work for your as you build your business. 


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