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First Impressions

First impressions, whether good or bad, we all make them.

You have seven seconds to make an impression on someone.

You may only have one-tenth of a second before someone decides whether you are trustworthy or not.


That’s hardly enough time to introduce yourself, but that’s all the time you have.

What type of impression are you making when you meet a prospect for your business?

As a business builder, you have many opportunities to make a first impression.

  • Your Website
  • Article or blog posts
  • Social media posts and comments
  • Launching new products
  • Sending out emails to new contacts and more….

As you grow your business, you’ll continually improve your first impressions.

You may have chosen to reach your target market using social media. You’ve set a goal to connect with at least one person daily. When you make this connection, you’ve offered your first impression.

How did you do?

Social media marketing is a hard sell when it comes with connecting with your target market. You know your prospects are within your reach, but the competition to connect with them is fierce.

This is why your online first impression is critical to the success of your business.

First Impression

You may wonder how you can develop a strong online first impression when you are hidden behind your website or online store front, and your social media platforms.

Today’s market wants to know that you are a real human being with a pulse. Invisibility is no longer an option. Yes, you are hidden behind the wall of technology, but it is your responsibility to break through that wall and show yourself.

Let’s look at how your online presence is your first impression and how you create an atmosphere of know, like, and trust between you and your prospects.

Social Media

There are multiple social media platforms that you can use for your business. Each platform is structured differently, but each one allows you to set up a business page.

Setting up your business profile is an important step for your business success. A business is not run off your personal profile.

What does your business profile say about you and your business?

Remember, you have 10 seconds.

Your profile should tell your prospect how your business serves them and offers them a way to contact you.

Check your social media header.

What does it say about your business, is it relevant?

Would you find it intriguing?

Your header is your 3 second first impression.

Your prospect may have come to your social media page through a post that had been shared or through your advertising.

What will your prospect find when they scroll through your posts?

The goal of your posts is to create engagement with your followers. You do this by posting

  • Informational post that educate
  • Infographics
  • Live Streams
  • Stories
  • Videos
  • Inspirational
  • Fun

Keep your posts relevant to your prospects needs and give them a call to action to create engagement. As you post quality information, your prospects will begin to engage and share with their friends.

Research the platform you are using for your business to determine how often you should post per day.

Nothing turns a prospect off quicker than seeing your posts constantly in their social media feed.

Social media allows your business to develop a relationship with your prospects. People have chosen to like you, to follow you, and to engage with your posts. Your goal is to engage with them in order to build on your first impression.

Not engaging with those who engage with your posts does not make a good first impression.


When a prospect lands on your website, you have 3 seconds to impress.

Immediately upon landing on your home page, your visitor should know exactly how you serve them.

A visitor is not interested in your story, they came for a reason and they want to see if you can help them.

This information should be at the top of your website, not middle of the page or at the bottom. Your prospect is not interested in scrolling to find out how you serve them.

3 seconds, that’s all you have.

Does your company name and logo relate to your target market?

When a visitor lands on your website your company name and logo will play a role in creating a good first impression.

Fancy logos are great, but if it doesn’t make sense to your prospect, they may leave your site thinking they’ve landed on the wrong page. The same goes with your company name. Is it relevant to who you are? Many use their name as their company name, while others develop a business name. There is no right or wrong way to name your business, just that it matches your branding.

Before you buy your domain name, make sure you like it and want to stick with it. Too often new business builders will jump on a snazzy name and a year later realize the name does not compliment their branding.

Changing your business name can confuse your followers and cause them to leave you. Their trust of you comes into question.

When designing your website, take the time to develop a relevant logo that compliments the theme of your website. You’ll use this logo, not only on your website, but on your social media platforms. Your logo should be instantly recognizable to your prospects.

Your website header is considered prime real estate for your website. Don’t waste this area by putting up a header that does not promote your brand.

Using a good website hosting platform will help you in developing a website that loads quickly when someone clicks on your url. Your website should load within two seconds and no longer than five. Any longer than that, your visitor will move on to the next website.

There is nothing worse than waiting and waiting for a site to load, if this has happened to you what is your reaction?

To click away!

Expect your visitors to do the same.

A slow loading website does not make a good first impression and you just lost a potential prospect.

Design your website with an “About” page and a “Contact” page. Remember, people want to know that you are a real human being with a pulse. Keep your contact information up to date to ensure that your prospects can reach you with any questions they may have.

Like social media, respond quickly when you are contacted by a prospect.


As important as your website’s home page is, most of your target market will arrive on your website through a blog post that you have written.

Writing engaging content for your website allows your target market to find you and offers you a tool to educate them about your business.

If you want to keep people returning to your website you need to know how to write engaging content.

Once you have developed who your target market is, you will write content that benefits them. What are their pain points? How can your service or products benefit them?

Plan your content calendar for the month or quarter, take time to plan and outline your content, write your blog, edit and edit it some more. Once you’re happy with the content, post the blog on your website.

Use these tips when writing your blog…

  • White space is critical. Readers tend not to read blogs that contain long paragraphs with small font. Since you are building a business, your blogs are probably not technical in nature, but informational and relational.
  • Keep your paragraphs short, two to three sentences, with lots of white space between paragraphs and headlines.
  • Use bullet points, numbered lists, different fonts when you want to emphasize a point or to use a quote.
  • Include graphics, photos and resources such as infographics when applicable. People love to look at things so aim for a post that is informative and yet visual at the same time.
  • Make use of headings and sub headings. This helps to make your content more visually appealing and also helps break down your thoughts into subsections making it easier to read. Remember that many people prefer to scan for information so using headers is a great way to get their attention.

Writing for the web means not adding fluff to your material. Instead your goal should be to get to the main points as quickly as possible.

Add your personality to your writing. Write conversationally in order to connect with your reader on a personal level. Remember, your prospects want to know you are a real human being with a pulse. If your writing comes across as cold and impersonal, your prospect may not connect with you.

Social Media is your gateway to building your business online. Your success will be limited by your first impression. Creating your Avatar, your ideal prospect, gives you the ability to share relevant content that they will connect with.

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