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Marketing Made Easy

Being a long-term entrepreneur, I’ve learned a few things about building a customer base for my business.

Excitement fueled me those first days and weeks as I sat at my own desk in my own office. Wow! I had really left the corporate world behind and had taken the big leap into entrepreneurship.

What became quickly obvious was my need of prospects, and not just any type of prospects, but the right prospects.

The next obvious problem was my lack of marketing and selling skills.

How was my business going to succeed without customers?

As uncomfortable as I was with the idea of selling myself and my company, it was critical that I learn how to successfully market my business.

What I’ve learned, and what I’m sharing with you today, has taken my business beyond my expectations and dreams.

Early in my business I learned the art of persuasion marketing.

Now this is not coercing people to commit to something they don’t want. Persuasion marketing is offering your product or service in such a way that the right prospect reaches out to you to find out more about your offer.

Learning persuasion marketing will help you build your business with a solid customer base.

choose your prospects

When you first open your business, you may find yourself selling and talking to everyone in your warm market. Contacting your friends and family that are linked to your social media account is our typical marketing strategy.

You send a private message and wait for a response. After a few days, you send another private message. Your mission, to persuade everyone you can to try your products or business opportunity.

You begin to annoy people.

As a business builder, you will learn how to choose your prospects. Becoming annoying will only harm your business by turning people away from your business.

Sure, contact your friends and family if they are truly your target market. Do not contact those who are not your ideal prospect and would be annoyed by your message.

learn to listen

Now that you have some interested prospects, you have the opportunity to share your products with them.

Your prospects are people with many different needs and wants.

What pain point does your product relieve?

What are the pain points of your prospects?

Open the pathway for your prospect to begin talking about themselves and listen for their pain point.

Listening allows you to gain perspective on the needs of your prospect, which opens the door for you to make a connection between them and your products.


You’ve listened to your prospect and are ready to build a connection between them and your products.

Never be “salesy” with your prospect. The quickest way to turn your prospect off is to try to convince them they need what you have to offer.

Without trying to “sell” your product, tell a story of how your product relieves the pain point of your prospect. Learning to connect with a story is your best form of persuasive marketing. Without telling your prospect they need your product, you tell them how your product has met the needs of others, who happen to have the same pain point of your prospect.

Share the value of your product through real-life examples. This is not an opportunity for you to over promote your product or business opportunity. Your goal is to share value in a way that presents your product truthfully.

stop talking

Now that you’ve told your story and made the connection with your prospect, stop talking.

Do not share everything you know about your product or your business opportunity. Confusion is not your goal, nor is annoying your prospect.

When you stop talking, your prospect has the opportunity to process everything you’ve shared. Do not give into the urge to start another conversation. Let them think and be the first to speak.

Persuasive marketing allows your prospect to internalize the connection between them and your product.


You’ve listened, connected, shared, and allowed your prospect to consider the possibilities.

In a perfect world, the sale would immediately follow. But what happens when your prospect needs to think about your offer a little longer?

The beauty of persuasion marketing is your ability to wait. Allow your prospect to think through what you’ve shared and come to the realization that your product is exactly what they need.

 Continue to nurture them with value about your product, especially how your product has met the needs of others with the same pain points of your prospect. Again, you’re not to be salesy

Just as every prospect is different, your approach and conversation will be different. Your marketing will flow naturally from you, which allows you to connect easily to your prospect without the need of a pre-made script that sounds phony and salesy.

Building your business successfully relies heavily on your marketing strategies. Many marketing business builders spend hours sharing their products and business opportunities with people who are not interested.

Today I use persuasive marketing with interested prospect who contact me through my attraction marketing strategies.

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