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3 Strategies For Online Marketing

3 Marketing Strategies

My marketing was stuck in the void of the universe, beyond my reach and keeping my business from growing. No matter how much my team leaders encouraged me to get out there and find my next prospect, I just couldn’t find them. Maybe I was too selective, maybe I was too shy, maybe I knew there was […]

Overcome Your Fear of Going Live

Overcome Your Fear of Going Live

Building your brand and presence on social media requires you to show up. You can only post so many images and links to blogs before you know it’s time to press the “Go Live” button and start connecting with your audience. I’ve discussed how you can prepare yourself this next step in connecting with your audience in […]

5 Essential Social Media Strategies

T Essential Social Media Strategies

I remember the evening like it was yesterday. I had agreed to begin my own network marketing business and I was excited. My sponsor was excited too. We had great expectations for my business and his. He came to my office to help me get started right. First, I was to list all my family members; these […]

How a Personal Development Plan Creates Success in Business

Personal Development Plan

Working on your personal development is a process that you will continue for the rest of your life. That is, if you’re willing to continually grow. As a business owner or one who is considering starting a business, it is important to understand yourself. This is where a personal development plan comes into action. Being a business […]

Building a Winning Team Can Be Hard – Discover How You Can Build the Team of Your Dreams Using the Sales Funnel System

Building a team sales funnel

​ You’ve been told to market to your “warm” market in order to build your business. That the cold market of perfect strangers will not work.  I agree. Yet, you can build a thriving business with perfect strangers that want to join you and work with you to build a thriving business.  Attraction Marketing Entrepreneur Ferny Ceballos joins Marketing […]

How to Press the Go Live Button with Confidence

How to press the go live button with confidence

You’ve set up your Facebook business page. You’ve been posting success quotes and images. You’ve shared your blog posts and posts from other leaders in your industry. And now it’s time for your first Facebook Live. Nope, I’m good you say. Why do many of us shy away from doing a Facebook live? We want to increase our engagement and we’ve […]