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Self Motivation

How do you stay self-motivated when life is full of busyness and set-backs?

This is an area I had to look hard at for myself and I’m sure you’ve had your moments of being unmotivated to work your business.

It’s not always fun, especially when you’re not seeing the results you dreamed of having by now.

A team member began the day with these words, “I’m such a failure!”

My heart broke. How horrible to feel this way when you’re putting your all into your business, but not seeing positive results.  

Of course, we needed to pull the team together and get this team member back into the game of life and that’s what we did.

Have you had such thoughts?

We often attach our motivation to big goals that just aren’t attainable within a few weeks or months. Growing your network marketing business takes time and effort. When you’re working your business using the “three-foot” rule, it takes even longer, and you may find your goals being pushed further and further into the future.

There are steps you can take to stay motivated, even on the darkest of days.

Approach Your Goals Differently

When you began your network marketing or direct sales business, your team leader may have challenged you to write down your goals.

I have found that most new team members will write just a few goals down that are far into the future of being attainable. Goals such as making six figures, traveling the world, purchasing multiple homes, and the list goes on.

Those goals are great, but are they attainable over the next three months?

Probably not.

My team leader continues to challenge me to set attainable goals based on a thirty-day action plan. These are not lofty goals; these are goals of what I want to see happen in my business over the next thirty days. I start with the end result and work backwards to today planning what my daily actions should be to attain my goals.

We call this our “Daily Mode of Operation.”

Just this one practice keeps me motivated to work positively in my business each day. I have a checklist of my DMO and as I tick those check boxes off, I get motivated to move to the next item.

When you feel like you’ve lost your motivation, take a look at how you’ve set yourself up to succeed with daily action steps.

Stay Connected With Others Who Motivate You

Getting back to my team member from this morning, how would she have made it through her day if she had not come to us with her true feelings?

She felt terrible about her lack of success and may have given up on her dream of building her business.

Thankfully, her team was there to support and encourage her back into action.

This is why it is so important to surround yourself with like mined people. No one understands the network marketing or direct sales world like those who are in it with you.

When you find yourself being pulled down by the nay-sayers around you or you feel like you’ve just blown it, contact someone in your team to share how you feel so they can help you get your motivation back.

You’re not in this alone, so don’t close yourself off from those who are there to support you.

Plus, be one who cheers others on when they’ve lost their motivation. This is the best industry for finding life-long friends.

Love Yourself

Our team member was mad at herself and had fallen into the mode of self-depreciation. She was angry with herself and had convinced herself to give up.

When you begin to feel this way, it’s time for a lot of tender loving care.

You may have been going full blast for weeks and you’re approaching burnout, which is a huge motivation destroyer, and it seems nothing is working in your favor. Walk away and go have some fun. Relax and enjoy your family and friends. Remind yourself of how far you have come, the accomplishments you’ve made and why you’re building this business.

Take time to celebrate your success daily. Whether it’s doing a happy dance when you’ve accomplished your list for the day or contacting your team leader to share where you are, celebrating “You” will keep you motivated.

Learn From Yesterday

What worked or didn’t work yesterday?

We’ve all heard the saying, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Well, it’s true.

When something is not working in your business, yet you continue to do it, why do you expect the outcome to change?

This is where I was in my network marketing business. We were in our weekly team Zoom session and our leader was on and on about calling your five every day. I’m sitting thinking, “this is insane, there has got to be a better way.”

Do I sit here and continue doing what I did yesterday with no results, or do I challenge myself to make a change in the way I build my business?

I challenged myself to move out of yesterday into today and finally found my road to success.

I offer you this same road to success with my free 10-Day BootCamp. Talk about being motivated, I’m motivated every day because I now have a system that none of my team leaders shared with me.

I’m not your team leader, but I want to see you succeed. Take the first step toward your success and register today.


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