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The Secret of Decision Making

Decisions – Decisions, so many daily decisions to make, especially when we are building our business.

Take a moment and reflect on the decisions you have made today. From the decision to get up on time, or not, to calling that cold prospect on your list, you have been making decisions throughout the day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get up in the morning and be decision free?

Probably not.

Before you started your business, you may have enjoyed lazy evenings after work and relaxing weekends with family and friends. Now, your business needs your attention 24/7. You are the decision maker. You are the deciding factor of whether this business makes it or not.

When I first began my business, I was excited and driven. There were prospects that needed to be found and I was laser focused on finding them.

My business is dependent on me and the decisions I make daily. Yours is too.

You have a daily choice to either work in your business or let the day slide into the past unnoticed. And this is the hardship of being your own boss, making the decision to get up and do something productive.

My son was a toddler when I began my business, and each morning he would ask me, is this an “office day” or a “stay home day”? In other words, mommy, are you going to sit at your desk all day or play with me? I had a daily decision to make and it was tough.

What are the tough decisions you are required to make as you build your business?

When you combine daily life with building your business, you can become overwhelmed.

Have you found yourself just sitting, staring at the computer screen or your phone and asking yourself, “What now?” “What should I focus on today?” “Is this worth all this effort?”

No one but you can build your business. It’s your decision.

I know you have a life to live and no business is worth alienating your family over. I’ve seen that too many times, and it does not lead to a pretty outcome. Your partner resents your business, and your children distance themselves from you.

Have you found yourself thinking about your business and what you should be doing, while your out with your family or friends? This happens when you become consumed with building your business and have made the decision to allow your business to control your life.

Decisions come lightening fast and sometimes we make good ones and sometimes we make poor ones. Reflect on today, can you pick out some bad decisions you made today? Hopefully, your good decisions outweigh your bad ones, especially while building your business.

 Let’s look at how you can build on your decision-making skillset so that you can make good decisions, even in those lightening fast moments. When you learn this skill, you’ll rise to the top of your business and become the leader that others will desire to follow.

You Have Not Failed

What is your most pressing business problem right now?

Why have you not handled it?

Is it because you are afraid to make the decision to move forward? Are you afraid of failure? Are you scared?

Great, join the club, so is every other business owner. Your upline, your downline, your associates. We’ve all gotten stuck in the decision-making process.

Sure, contemplate the best action to take, but make a decision. Will it be a wrong decision? Who knows? Will you fail? Maybe. But, at least you put yourself out there and tried. When you fail, learn from the mistake, and grow.

Every successful business builder has failed, some more than others. I’ve failed, my husband has failed. But, here we are thirty-five years later, still in business.

It’s never easy to reflect on wrong decisions and poor choices when building your business. But, it is always exciting to look back to see how that poor decision propelled you to make better decisions the next time.

I’ll ask again, where are you stuck in your decision-making process?

Have you used all the resources available to you to develop the best decision for the situation? If not, why?

When you’re building your business, you don’t have all the answers and that’s what is so great about having an upline that’s been there done that. Tap into their knowledge, let them share how they overcame their bad decisions and were able to move forward despite their failure.

Failure leads to success, just ask Thomas Edison:


What would it take for you to develop that type of attitude about your business and the decisions you need to make right now?

If what you did yesterday didn’t work, fine, move on. Determine why it didn’t work and make a decision to do it better. Stop fretting over your failures and learn from them. Embrace them and let them be a step toward better decisions.

Again, let’s ask Thomas Edison what he thinks,

Quote 2

I’m sure you’ll agree that life is a process. A process of wrong decisions, right decisions, and failure. If you haven’t failed yet, you will. Keep Edison’s quote in front of you and believe, each failure is a step in the right direction.


I’ve discussed the process of overcoming wrong decisions, but how do you grow to make right decisions?

Develop the skill of decision making.

As a business builder, you started out greener than green. You may have come out of a marketing or sales background but building a marketing business is tough.

What I’ve seen is people begin their marketing business with some background in sales and marketing and believe that they’ve got this. They don’t need anyone to give them guidance. They’ll call if they need you, kind-of-person.

Is that you?

Here’s the truth, you need your upline’s experience. They know how to handle the objections, the rejections, and all the other facets that come with building a marketing business. You weren’t born with this knowledge and your sales background won’t propel you to the leadership stage if you’re not trainable.

You’ll learn how to make better decisions for your business when you accept the fact that you need to be trained. Decisions about how to build your business is a skill. Learn to develop your skills daily.

Once you’ve learned from your upline and leaders, your business will begin to grow and now you’re the one making the decisions. Are you ready to make the best decisions for your business?

As you build your marketing business, you’ll begin to build a team under you. Now you have more challenging decisions to make. If you learned from your upline, you’re ready to make these decisions. You’re now the upline, teaching your downline everything you know about developing the skill of decision making.

You’ll be expected to make lightening fast decisions when your team is all over the place. These decisions will have a lasting impact on your business and the business of others. That’s the fun of leadership.

As you build on your decision skills, you’ll be able to discern the right choices for your business and your team members. You’ll take your knowledge and leverage it to your benefit and success.

Being confident in who you are, in the decisions you are required to make, and learning from good and bad decisions will ultimately bring you to the success you’re aiming for.

Take aim and go for the decision, right or wrong, you’re headed in the right direction.

One of the biggest decisions you make for your marketing business is who will you prospect too. Will you prospect to uninterested people, or to people who are waiting for this opportunity to build their own business?

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