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Use Social Media to build your business

Are you tired of the constant pressure to send a message to every contact in your contact list?

Tired of getting “the look” when you’re around your friends and family?

Do you find yourself justifying why you chose this form of business every time the “pyramid scheme” conversation begins?

Are you longing for a better way to build your business that doesn’t turn everybody off?

Me too, and that’s why I moved my marketing into the 21st century, aka – online.

Now, I’m not a supporter of the online tactics that some marketers promote; the tactic of sending a message to everyone on your contact list and then asking them to introduce you to their friends and family.

Nope, I’m not going to do it.

Yet, that seems to be the only marketing tactic being taught.

What amazes me, is that I’m in a network marketing business with an up-line that is tech savvy and successful.

Yet every team meeting begins with, “Did you contact your five?”

Finally, I’d had enough. I looked at them with disbelief in their lack of understanding that there is a more effective way to market through social media. 

I just needed to find it.

And I did, after much research and determination I discovered a system that gave me the strategies I was looking for.

Finally, a system that I felt comfortable with and did not require me to harass my family and friends. In fact, they're not aware that I’m building a business.

You know what that means? It means I can attend family functions without hearing the jokes and sarcasm that seems to follow network marketers.

Would you like the same satisfaction?

Are you ready to take your network marketing skills into the 21st century?

My goal for you is that you will take advantage of what I’m sharing and build the business of your dreams.

Let me share some of the benefits you’ll discover when you move your network marketing business into the 21st century.

You can generate fresh, qualified leads from wherever (and whenever) you please.

You can end rejection forever by only talking to people who are highly interested in your offer.

You don't need to contact family, friends, and strangers every day of the week. In fact, no contacting is required.

I know, if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably a scam. 

I'm not promoting instant success or an offer where you just sit back and watch your business grow. What I am talking about is leveraging social media to build your business. You are required to do the work, but you'll work within a system that works to your advantage. It's hard and intensive, but in the end it is worth it. 

I’m sharing a marketing strategy that many – many successful network marketers have been using over the past ten years. They understood the power of social media and used it to their advantage.

Let me share what is required to move your marketing strategies into the 21st century by using social media that will help your business move forward.


First you'll need to check your mindset.

Do you believe you can build your business?

Do you believe you can build your business online?

Are you willing to take the necessary actions?

You’ve already proven you are willing to start your own network marketing business. You did that when you signed the papers.

Did you have all the skills necessary to begin your business when you laid the pen down?

Probably not.

Moving your business online will be the same way. You won’t know all there is to know, it’s a process of learning and you’ll need a learning mindset to get started.

Building your business online is a process that will take time. Expecting to outrank everyone in your team during the first week will not happen.

Focus on what is in front of you and keep building. Learn the skills needed to become a success with online marketing.

Will you make mistakes? Yes

Will all strategies work for you? No

You’re building your business, not mine or anyone else’s.

Stay focused, learn as you go, celebrate every small success, and keep moving forward.

Let me warn you, not everyone in your leadership team will be excited that you are utilizing social media in this way.

Be prepared.

I’m not promoting that you be a renegade in your company, or that you encourage others in your leadership to follow you. If you do, you will be alienated from your team and may not receive the mentorship that they offer.

Their response to your decision is natural. You’ve stepped out of their box and are taking a path, a journey, that they are unfamiliar with. That’s okay, just don’t allow them to hold you back from your success.

Contacting your friends and family constantly is not working.

Talking to complete strangers is not working.

Using 21st century marketing strategies is working.

Keep your mindset focused on success and be prepared to

  • Master the unknown.
  • Learn how to overcome adversity.
  • Learn to overcome peer pressure.

The next thing you need is a…

You’re ready to move your marketing strategies online, but all you know how to do is to message your contact list.

Every successful business owner has a “practical blueprint” for their business.

You’ll need a “practical blueprint” for your business as you begin to build your business through social media.

You probably have a blueprint from your company or your leadership and have been encouraged to use it to build your business.

This blueprint is referred to as “active social media recruiting” and can be implemented as soon as you sign your name to begin your business.

Think back, you were encouraged to post on your personal Facebook page images and information about your products.

Posts that include you unpacking your products, using your products, promoting monthly specials, and more.

Simple and easy, no website required strategy.

This is basically the same strategy you use offline, except you’re using your personal Facebook page.

The challenge with this social media marketing strategy is you're always busy

You're always posting.

You're always engaging.

You're always interacting with people.

It produces results quickly (and it can produce massive results), and you can duplicate it quickly, but it's time-intensive and tiring.

Is there a different blueprint to follow?

Yes, and it is called “passive social media recruiting”.

This practical blueprint utilizes the power of social media by drawing interested prospects and customers to you. People that ask you for more information about your network marketing business.

Rather than posting images of your products, you will post valuable content or information that inspires people to seek you out.

Do you see the difference?


Rather than you chase people that have no interest in what you are selling, you have people chasing you wanting to know more.

Now you can create leverage and scale in your business.

You’ll set up a business Facebook page and use this page to promote your business in a way that draws interest. Again, you’re not posting your products and asking people to buy. You are giving away information that will lead them to want your products.

Not sure how to make this happen effectively, then let me encourage you to register for my 10-Day Recruiting Boot Camp located at the end of this post.

Why should you chase people when there is a way to have them come to you?

Plus, my system will teach you how to put your business on auto-pilot so that it is working 24/7 all around the world.

To build your network marketing business online effectively will require you to be connected with mentors who will support and challenge you as you move forward.

When you signed up to begin your network marketing business, you were placed under a leadership team that instructed you on what to do next.

Your leader explained the business and how you were to promote it to others.

As you move your business online, you will need a mentor to lead the way.

As we discussed at the beginning of this post, your immediate leadership team may not be utilizing the passive social media strategies we are discussing.

There is nothing worse than getting excited about taking positive action for your business, only to discover you’re not sure how to get started.

You’ll never have that concern when you join me and take advantage of my free offer below.

When you join Elite Marketing Pro as a customer, which I am a member of, you will receive free one-on-one coaching to ensure that you get started right.

You’ll learn how to take your network marketing business to a level beyond your expectations by using the strategies successful network marketers have been using for years.

I’ve been a network marketing business owner for years and struggled to keep my team growing. It seemed like when one came on, two dropped off. The constant promoting of my products became overwhelming. Every week there was something to promote and all of this to my friends and family.

All of this changed when I became a member of Elite Marketing Pro. I found the 10-Day Recruiting Boot Camp by accident, registered and took the free course. I knew this was what I was looking for, so I took the next step.

Now I have mentorship that challenges me to keep moving forward, while giving me a practical blueprint on how to do it.

Let me encourage you to learn how you can move your business online and use social media to your advantage by registering for the 10-Day Recruiting Boot Camp. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Click below to register and get started today.


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Hi, I'm Terri King, a business marketer in need of endless prospects. Just like you, my business can only survive when I have prospects interested in my service. This need developed into a passion, a passion to discover how to generate a constant flow of targeted prospects and move my business into the 21st century. Once I learned how to generate prospects for my business, I knew I needed to help other marketers discover how they can create a flow of prospects to build their own business. Marketing Boldly provides marketers tools and strategies to create a stream of targeted and interested prospects to build the business of their dreams.

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