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5 Step Guide

Are you a confident decision maker?

Confidence comes from practice. As you continue to build your business, you’ll make many decisions. Some good, some bad. Yet, each decision will help you learn how to become more confident in the process.

There are two types of business builders, those that do and those that don’t.

Those that “don’t” are the ones that see every step of the business building process as to much of a challenge to overcome. They get up in the morning, look at their list of action items and make the decision to walk away. They didn’t have any luck yesterday or last week, so why waste their time on today.

Those that “do” are the one that see every step of the business building process as an opportunity, a challenge, to put themselves out there and see what happens. They laugh and learn from their failures and embrace the wins.

How do you go from being one of the those that “don’t” to one who “does” in your quest to build your marketing business?

You learn the process of decision making. A decision is made up of many steps, which ultimately lead to success.

Thomas Edison said it best,


Let’s go through the process of making a decision for your business.

Take your time

This process is not meant for those “lightening” fast decisions that you need to make daily, I’ll discuss those in another article. You’ll use the following process when you’re making those hard decisions for your business.

These are the decisions that require you to do some research, review available information, talk to knowledgeable people about the subject, and other concerns that you’ll need to factor into the decision.

Decisions of this type are the ones that not only effect you, but your business, and your team. Think of these decisions as the ones that will have far-reaching and long-lasting results.

As an one who is building your business online, there are many decisions that need to be made. As you consider the name of your business, whether you’ll have a website, if you’ll hire someone to handle your social media posts, what type of computer is best for your business, an on it goes.

Each of those decisions require you to do some research, read information, and talk to others in the same line of business as you are. Try not to cut corners when making decisions that you’ll have to live with in the future.

Let’s look at how you can become better at decision making for your business.


You will always have alternatives.

Look for the different options you may have to reach your goal with this decision. You may need to dig deep and get creative, but you’ll find an alternative.

Let’s look at your network marketing business.

You’ve got your contact list of people you may or may not know. You’ve got your family and friend list that your upline challenged you to make. Now, what’s the odds of any these people wanting to start their own business? How much time are you willing to chase these people? Remember, time is money.

You have a decision. You can spend your valuable time chasing and promoting your business to uninterested people, or you could spend your time talking with interested prospects. People who are looking to start their own business.

To decide on the second alternative is going to take a little time on your part. How do you find interested prospects? What do I do when I find them? You’ll need to do research, read loads of information, talk to other business leaders to make this decision wisely.

This is the process I used to find interested prospects for my marketing business. I offer it to you for free, my 10-Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp video series.

As you begin to look at alternatives, you’ll want to contrast and compare, look for the pros and cons, before making the final decision.


Review the pros and cons to the alternatives you’ve found in your research.

You’ll want to eliminate the ones that are not the best choice for you and your business, and compare the ones that look right for your business.

I used this approach in my decision to buy a new laptop. I needed a “gaming” style computer due to the volume of images I have on my hard drive, but I didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for one. I researched, I read reviews, I talked to young gamers, and searched and searched some more. This process took a few months, but I ultimately found the laptop that would serve my needs and stay within my budget.

Your goal is to take your time in making this decision, look critically at your alternatives, and choose your best option. Does it support your business goals? Will it enhance or deter your business?

You may find that some decisions offer no great alternatives, yet a decision must be made. Review what’s before you and choose the best one. The one that will move you closer to your goal.


Procrastination is the sickness of any business, especially network marketing.

You’ve chosen the best course of action to take and now you must make the decision to take action.

Action comes in many forms. You may need to make a purchase, then go ahead and purchase the item. You may need to build on your skill sets as a business owner, then take one course at a time until you’ve accomplished your goal.

Whatever the situation is that needs a decision, you’ll only accomplish your goal by taking action. Remember, the longer you wait to take action, the higher the possibility that you’ll take no action.


Have you ever made a bad decision?

I’m sure you have; I know I have.

We’re human and life changes daily. Your business is no different. You’ll make mistakes, along with bad decisions.

What makes a business leader is the one who gets up when knocked down by a bad decision and moves on.

How much time do you spend regretting the decisions you’ve made in the past?

Let me ask you, “how has all that regret improved your business?”

Probably not at all.

You’re a leader and leaders learn from their bad decisions and mistakes.

The next time life hits you in the face due to a bad decision, ask yourself what you can learn from this experience. There is always something to learn. Regroup and start the decision-making process over and move forward.

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